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Be the Ruler in the living medieval!

We want to offer players the great experience of being an actual ruler from that time and because of that we’ve analyzed many books and articles about England in the Dark Ages. Most of the events in the game have happened to the kings of the past.

For players, we’ve prepared a NPCs generator. Every NPC has a unique look, name, dynasty, family, traits, and attributes. These abilities make an impact on events, so that every gameplay is unique.

We put together stories, NPC, the relation between NPC and territory to generate a unique story for every player. Every decision has consequences – instant, in years, or a dozen of years. It guarantees that every gameplay will be unique and exploring the entire game will take many hours.

Play in the unique art style!

Watch the trailer!


Dev Diary November

Welcome, Your Majesties! I hope that managing your kingdoms hasn’t been too exhausting lately and you can spare a few moments to read what we’ve got

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Dev Diary October

Welcome back Your Highnesses! Long time no see, but we are back with a brand new dev diary ready to tell you everything about all the

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Dev Diary September #2

Hey kings, Another week, another development diary! A little update to keep you guys posted on all the cool things we’ve added this week and

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Dev Diary September

Hi, The works are on, see what we’ve done so far 😊 Here’s what’s been done since the last update: – The HELP screen added

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Raising children

Hi!It’s a great time to say more about children in the game. We finished all systems for genetics, attributes, and raising them(events about this are

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Devlog 22.04.2019

Greetings, future kings of the past! We thought it was a high time to start a series of regular Be The Ruler devlogs. Because things

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Battle System!

Hi Kings! Big news 🙂 We’re finishing the battle system for Be the Ruler. You will fight with other Kings, Vikings and even Franks! Be

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