I hope you want to try something new. We’re creating a mix of easy to learn gameplay and hard decisions about managing a country.

We’re creating this game for players like us: players who don’t always have enough time to play regularly, and who sometimes forget how to play after a week break. But still, we are seasoned players, and we need something profound, something addictive, something serious. And that will be Be the Ruler: Britannia.

Be the Ruler. As King of Wessex, you have a country to maintain. You must expand and rise in power because in early medieval England only this upholds the nobles’ loyalty. How will you handle it? Will you lose some of your humanity making tough decisions?



Shortly after Anglo-Saxons settle in Britannia and take over the land from locals, Vikings come. These robbers and plunderers from Scandinavia not only want your gold and goods – they want to take English land. What will you do? Will you fight Vikings or make an alliance and use them to defeat your neighbors?

Defend your realm

The neighboring kings have the same goal as you – to unify England. When you are weak, they try to conquer your provinces and destroy your kingdom. Your previous decisions influence the chance of attack. If you are an aggressive king, prepare to see your enemies allying and attack you from many directions.


You can choose to attack your enemies using the map. Sometimes you have to fight: to defend your borders, or to free your family from captivity, for example. Set up your troops, gain useful traits, and defeat your enemies using our battle system.


There’s only one way to unify England – by conquer. Declare war to take over other kings’ provinces, and to gain new land to manage.


Send saboteurs and spies to other kingdoms before your attack. Destabilize their military power, send assassins, and snatch valuable nobles.


Establish diplomatic relations, help other kings and build your position. Use other rulers and nobles for your purposes.

King and Family


You need to choose a wife. Do it carefully, because it’s the most crucial decision in the lives of the kings you play. It determines your heir’s traits. And the traits influence your future diplomatic relationships and events at your court.


You can have legal children with your wife, or bastards from your affairs. Your children have their ambitions. It’s good to encourage your heir to follow his interests, but you should also think about his safety.

All the characters in the game characters have their traits. Some are genetic and can be inherited.

Heir and Witan

If you have an heir (that means a 16-year-old legal son), your power can be passed to him after you die. As in early medieval English kingdoms, every new king has to be accepted by a super-council called witan. At witan, the church, the nobles, and the royal family decide on the most important matters of the kingdom.

Witan decides on your son’s candidacy for the king. If you pissed off most of the social groups of influence, your son doesn’t inherit the kingdom, and the game is over.

Family Troubles

You are not alone in this world. You have a family: brothers, sisters, and bastard siblings. Each of them can try to make trouble – because they want the crown for themselves because they have their interests, or just because they don’t like you.


All characters have their traits. These can be genetic, like being a Giant, or acquired, like being Fat. Also, you can gain a trait, based on your style of gameplay, like Brilliant Strategist. Characters in Be the Ruler have 32 potential traits, and every one of them impacts your gameplay.


As the king, you can die in various ways. Find them all. 😉



The Prestige meter shows you how much your subjects respect you. Most decisions impact your Prestige. You have to watch out for this meter because you use Prestige for decisions and battles. Also, based on your level of Prestige, you have access to different events.


Resources are essential for strategic plans. You use them to maintain the loyalty of your vassals, to send out spies and assassins, to fight battles, make investments, and a lot more. Tough decisions await you – will you push your subjects to work in mines against their will to grab more resources?


You should grow of your economy. The best way to do this are investments. Build a new market town, help to grow your vassals’ shire, or give a loan for something profitable in the future.

Rule & Laws

The Church

The church and the pope continuously try to increase their influence over you. You will probably want their help, but what if it means losing some independence?


How much authority will you share with your vassals? If you try to centralize your power, your subjects will not be pleased. 


Cities and traders are essential parts of your kingdom, but nobody likes them. Traders are neither warriors, nor people of faith, and they are rich. How will you cooperate with them?



You can decrease the Church influence by building religious centers – abbeys – by yourself. Abbeys controlled by your people can help you with wars, or train your spies and saboteurs. Interesting fact: in old England, women could govern abbeys. As the king, you can make your sister an abbess.



In 700 CE, all of England was officially Christian. But it didn’t mean all subjects followed the royalty’s new faith. Many people still remember the old gods. What will you do with pagan uprising?

LGBT friendly


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