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Devlog 22.04.2019

Greetings, future kings of the past!

We thought it was a high time to start a series of regular Be The Ruler devlogs. Because things happen and you should know about them.

Development status – what we’ve already done:

  • Over 250 events and decisions to make
  • The battle system
  • The game’s ability to create NPC characters
  • Marriages
  • Royal children
  • Prestige/resources balancing system

What we’ve been working on last week:

More events and decisions

  • Finalizing the battle system
  • Graphics for battles
  • Graphics for the NPC generator
  • Better presentation of events

What we’re going to work on this week:

  • Event database with the ability to add procedurally generated events
  • Battle tutorial
  • Improving the NPC face generator
  • Creating the NPC apparel generator
  • New events: relations with the church
  • Graphics and animations: king’s deaths and inheritance of the crown

New events

The battle system and graphics

The battle system lets you fight with other local kings, Vikings, and Franks. This week we’ve added the final battle graphics and screens informing about the battle outcome.

NPC generator graphics

In addition to the face generator, we’ve got 20 hairstyles + hats and such, 10 upper-body garments, 10 lower-body garments, 7 sets of hands, and 14 additional elements like coats, collars, and belts.

Better presentation of events

After the feedback from Reddit and Game Show and Test Facebook group, we’ve decided to improve the event presentation. The accompanying animation is a bit simpler now, and the text appears from left to right. To do: pointer change.



Thanks for reading!


Interesting fact about early medieval England:

Aethelburh, the wife of King Ine of Wessex, was known as a warrior queen. In 722 she burned down the castle in Taunton, which Ine had built. Probably to prevent its seizure by rebels. Or maybe because the king forgot to erase his browser history, the sources aren’t sure.

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