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What is defining our game? Interface – and we will have a new one!

Hello to all our fans, supporters, and players who read about Be the Ruler for the first time.

Before I get to the point, I need to tell you something about the history of this project. We wanted to make a game that offers deep experience in a simple interface, but it looks like we made a mistake when we chose the UI project. We decided to go with an interface similar to Reigns, and because of that, people played our game too fast without reading events carefully and considering consequences.

Old interface

It’s not acceptable for us because we put a lot of effort into generating stories and making the entire world in the game alive(these all NPCs, diplomacy, marriages, wars, spying, economy).

Marriage event in the new interface

So, we decided to change the entire interface. From now, Be the Ruler will show procedurally generated stories in a way that players must focus on what they are doing in the game. I hope you will like the gamebook view and you will enjoy it a lot.

Events with image in the new interface

(these projects are from new GUI designer for Be the Ruler, Jean-Philippe Hugonnet, so now Be the Ruler team is a Polish-French team :). We started coding this, and we will announce a new closed beta soon!)

We also heard at alpha tests that you can’t make the right decisions because you don’t have enough information. We’re adding new places, so you will see everything that could help you. Map, when you can check all crucial NPCs in the game with their territories. Journal, when you can read vital information from your kingdom and your neighbors. And we think the most essential – NPC screen when you can find information about attributes and family of your friends, rivals, vassals and other NPC which make an impact on your story.

Keep your finger crossed for us! We are close to finishing!

Behind the scenes – mockup of NPC screen 🙂

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