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June 2020 – Dev Diary! Be a one true KING!

Hi! We hope you’re well. We’re okay, and we’ve been hard at work to implement new and updated elements into Be The Ruler. Here’s what we’ve got:

New internal events editor.

After the beta test feedback, we developed lots of new mechanics. Suddenly, our game became much more complex, and we needed a better editor to create more advanced narratives. It took a while, but the editor is almost finished. Soon, we will put into the game all the stories and plot branches we’ve created lately.

New interface.

Currently, in the debug process. After our game became deeper and more unique, the old Reigns-like look just didn’t sit well with it.

New war events and a campaign narrative.

Chain battles into a conquest. Train your troops. Hire mercenaries. And a lot more!

Sabotage, new ability for spies.

Cripple the enemy king’s ability to raise large and loyal army.

After-the-battle events.

Caught some prisoners? Decide what to do with them.

In-game Journal

Check what is happening in other kingdoms.

Revamped map screen.

Click on the province to analyze it’s situation. Check the provinces’ rulers and their vassal-liege connections.

New NPC screen.

Check the person’s family tree and personal attributes. It may come in handy!

Stay tuned!

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