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Coming on PC, Switch, Xbox, PS, iOS in the first half of 2021

Press kit

Key facts

Be the Ruler: Britannia

Be the Ruler in the living medieval. Take responsibility for your decisions in a real-time world. Save your dynasty and unite England!

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About game

We’re creating this game for players like us: players who don’t always have time to play regularly, and who sometimes forget how to play after a week break. But still, we are seasoned players, and we need something profound, addictive and serious. And that will be Be the Ruler: Britannia.

In Be the Ruler, the player begins as the ruler of one of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms – Wessex, with aim to unify England. We decided to mix simple interface with deep simulation of the world of the Dark Ages.

Our main goal is a combination of hardcore gameplay in casual playtime with massive replayability.

Be the Ruler: Britannia is unpredictable game with unexpected decisions consequences. A lot of factors making an impact on results. It will be great fun with trying to survive with your dynasty!

Core of the game


We want to offer players the great experience of being an actual ruler from that time and because of that we’ve analyzed many books and articles about England in the Dark Ages. Most of the events in the game have happened to the kings of the past.

NPC Generator

For players, we’ve prepared a NPCs generator. Every NPC has a unique look, name, dynasty, family, traits, and attributes. These abilities make an impact on events, so that every gameplay is unique.

Gameplay generator

For players, we’ve prepared a NPCs generator. Every NPC has a unique look, name, dynasty, family, traits, and attributes. These abilities make an impact on events, so that every gameplay is unique.

What players can do?


In each season, the player will be confronted with various decisions. Most of them will be consequences of previous actions, but there will always be an opportunity to try something new.


Players must find the best bride for the king, and later for the royal children as well. These decisions can build future alliances, they also influence how efficient the future king will be (every NPC, including a playable king, has traits; some of them are genetic).


To continue the game each king must have an heir. Players will manage the lives of their children, from teaching them to organizing adult life in various ways, like sending them on war or to a monastery.


The oldest son is the player heir, and he will have a chance to become the new king when his father dies. Witan, the super-council, must accept every new king. The player must try not to anger his serfs because the game is over if the oldest son isn’t elected.

Maintenance relations between

  • King and his family,
  • King and his vassals,
  • King and other kings,
  • King and his lovers,
  • King and Church,
  • King and traders.

Going to war

Players will fight with other kings, vassals, and family. They will be conquering provinces, defending lands, and themselves against claimants and rebels.


Spies are useful tools – smart players can use them to make opponents weaker, get crucial info about military power or assassinate rivals.

Fighting in battles

Players fight in a battle system. It’s very simple, but at the same time it has many strategic options. Traits of the players and their opponent can also influence the course of the battle. Thanks to that, each battle is a unique experience.

Use Prestige

Player prestige bar shows how respected the player’s king is. It’s one of the basics of the game – the player will gain prestige through investments and decisions, and shrink it by using his serfs to do whatever he wants.

Gain Resources

Another bar shows the players’ resources – it means silver, the basic currency for kings. The player will earn resources through investments, and spend it to buy everything he desires – army, building, gifts, people.


The player gains prestige and resources mainly from investments that he builds in the provinces in his kindgom (also on lands that the player conquers). Buildings such as marketowns, mills, ports and others will give the player a significant income.


What is behind what players see?
  • 3000+ events with one-time events and events tree with 3+ steps in the story.
  • More than 60 backgrounds and graphics for events, including animations.
  • Earl for each province, and king for each kingdom – each with AI scripts.
  • The game classifies each king based on his decision and changes the story generated for the player based on his category.
  • 32 traits for each king and NPC, and each of them has an impact on the generated story and possible actions.